05 July 2018

I’ve created this account almost two years ago and have been unsure how to use it. I’m noy trying to use it for a passion of mine that doesn’t come out very often but maybe should?

I have always loved inventing stories, I just wish there was an easy way to “download” the stories and images I have in my head (they roll like movies in there) onto paper (or its digital equivalent). Especially writing on a PC seems to be causing this very strange writer’s block. Whenever I see this blank Word page in front of me, I freeze. The words never seem to match the images in my head and I am unsure whether my words will create an image that is similar to mine in my readers’ head. I was brought up to believe that anything less than perfect is not good enough, so that makes me give up.

In the past I’ve faired better writing something down by hand on a notepad – but then never managed to type my hand-written notes and in our modern day and age, sharing those is a bit difficult, especially if your friends and potential readers live all over the world.

Years ago, I accepted a challenge to write a series of drabbles… what were supposed to be short fan fictions with a maximum of 100 words turned into ficlets, slighty longer fan fics based on some of my favourite TV characters and around 300-500 words. I’ve already published two of them (Drums and Good-byes) here and the others will probably follow soon. After that? Who knows…

I’m a German native speaker but I am (almost) bilingual, so I might write stories in both languages. Who knows?

There might be more fan fictions but the stories that I’ve been thinking up since I was a child are original stories or only loosely based on books or movies. So loosely you’ll probably not even notice. Most of them are set in fantasy settings for two easy reasons. One, fantasy is a favourite genre of mine and two, fantasy worlds have the uncanny advantage that you can simply invent your own rules and history. No need for extensive research and no-one can tell you that you’re wrong because: your world, your rules! 😉 (yes I’m lazy)

I honestly don’t know where this blog will go, if it will go anywhere. I just think that it’s about damn time that the stories that are cooking up inside of me for decades are finally coming out!

30 July 2018

I decided to add a gallery to the site. Apart from the power of language, photography is probably my biggest passion. Because I’m a huge fan girl, you’ll find lots and lots of pictures there that I took at different conventions over the years (just give me time to edit and upload them). I love travelling, so there will also be pictures from various places I visited over the years as well as many of my beloved home town Coburg.

I’m so excited to take you on this journey with me!