The Gathering 2 – Part 1

When I wrote the first part of my Highlanders 2 adventures, I realized I never posted anything from The Gathering in Cologne earlier this year. Maybe I should do these first.

As you might remember The Gathering was the con that Andrew was supposed to come to in March and which he sadly had to cancel due to filming commitments (and we now know it was Black Mirror!).

To be quite honest, after his cancelation my excitement about attending the con took quite a dive. I was looking forward to seeing my friends again but at the same time felt quite jealous because they were so excited about meeting their favourites and I knew I wouldn’t meet mine (quite petty, I know…). I’d spent the week before the con in London and arrived in Cologne in a rather foul mood on Friday but was cheered up when “His Royal Cuteness” and “Randy Andy” waited for me in my hotel room (two knitted dolls that my friends Lisa and Nicole had made for me ). Spent a fun evening with Nicole and Martina and they (aided by a few cocktails ) helped to cheer me up further.

Saturday was the first official con day and it started quite relaxed for me. My first photo session (with Rik Rankin) was midday, and he turned out to be a lot of fun and a really kind and sweet man and our picture with “Richard Winston Rat” went really well. Richard Winston is a hand puppet and Rik really acted with the rat and the whole room cheered.

Then later it was time for autographs. Since I’d met quite a few of the cast at previous cons already, I had them sign my Scottish flag, previously signed by _the_ Highlander, Christopher Lambert, himself.

And it was this autograph session that I learned I have “trigger words” that under no circumstances you should use around me if you don’t want to end up with a minute long tirade about Andrew. LOL! Poor Stephen Walters was not aware of that, bless him. LOL!

I had really no intentions of mentioning Andrew at all. Of course I kept thinking that he should be there and I missed him quite badly. But still, no need to pester anyone else with it.

Stephen Walters was one of the first (or maybe the first?) to sign the flag (after Christopher Lambert) and I only meant to tell him that I think it’s quite funny that it’s a Scottish flag and so far only a Frenchman had signed it. He asked who had signed it and when I told him, he said “that’s random?” I replied that it’s not, because of Highlander (it totally makes sense in my head…) but he insisted that it was random. Ah well. Then he made his biggest mistake. He told me that he’s not Scottish either, that he’s from Liverpool. Uh oh… trigger word. I honestly can’t remember what I said (probably for the best) but I think I speed-talked for several minutes about Andrew, that he’s my favourite actor, I’m his biggest fan *blablabla*, I think I never even said Andrew’s name, just waved my “Mark me” button in front of poor Stephen’s face who looked at me as if he’d been hit by a speed train. Then my brain caught up with my mouth and I realized what I was doing and started apologizing for being so incredibly rude. Stephen was a saint and told me it’s alright and that he and Andrew are good friends.

I was still mortally embarrassed and will forever love Stephen for his patience and understanding.


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