The Gathering 2 – Part 3

So, we left of with me freaking out in an elevator. Afterwards I met up with my friend, finally had some “decent” (fast) food – and a bottle of sparkling wine to wash it all down. (Only mentioning this because it explains my idiotic grin in later pictures LOL)

Then we headed down to join the party which was already in full swing. Scott Kyle and his wife were there, Gillebride the bard and also Stephen Walters. I really must stress that I had all the best intentions of behaving this time, I swear!

At first Stephen was in deep conversation with a “mysterious” blonde woman and I went back upstairs to my room to get the Wee Bonnie Prince and take a selfie with him and Scott. Of course Scott saw my background picture on my phone (my picture with Andrew) and he commented that Andrew looks drunk in it (does not!) and I said he was probably only tired after 2 performances that day.

Then I joined the others on the dancefloor, Stephen did too and not only that. He came over to me and said: “So, you love Andrew, huh?” I was really glad, the disco area was so dark because I’m pretty sure I went beetroot red at that. Well, after my earlier behaviour, there really wasn’t any way denying it and Stephen proceeded to explain to me that they’re good mates and how they met at the set of A.D. and I said that I know which was why I “mentioned” (*cough*) Andrew to him in the first place. Stephen was surprised that I knew and I said Andrew talked about it in an interview. Again Stephen was a little surprised but also pleased about it. He (emphasize on HE! not I!) then proceeded to talk abit about Andrew, that he’s a genuinely good guy and that he’s (Stephen) pleased to see that he (Andrew) has supporters (I think at one point I started apologizing again LOL) and then he tried to describe Andrew to me to explain why they’re such good friends and said: “He’s just… (pause)… normal?”
I thought that from one actor about another, this is pretty much the biggest compliment he could have made.

We all danced in a large circle, I asked the DJ to play a few Beatles songs for Stephen and then we all sang “Time to say good-bye” and Stephen was impressed because he thought I know the lyrics but I told him, “nope, only faking it.” (hey I went to our school’s drama club for 6 years LOL)

At one point Stephen, the Wee Bonnie Prince and I also posed for pictures.

All in all I think this was one of the best con parties that I attended and I think Stephen also enjoyed himself, especially because there weren’t *that* many fans present, mainly our group and another group that was surrounding Scott, and we were just happy that Stephen joined our “dance circle” and didn’t pester him or anything.

Of course afterwards, I was still embarrassed and apologized a million more times because I had talked about Andrew to him AGAIN (what the heck is wrong with me?!?!) but in my defense, he brought the subject up and really didn’t seem to mind. In contrast, I think, he was honestly happy to meet someone who’s quite obviously a huge fan of his friend.


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