The Gathering 2 – Part 4

I have a few more stories for you. I promise you I’m writing these for myself as much as for you. A few of my old con posts are currently popping up in my #OnThisDay FB memories and they’re totally cracking me up. You forget so many details over the years, and it’s so much fun to be reminded of them.

So last time we left off after the Saturday night party had ended. It was very late (or very early…) and of course we had to get up early the next day for our photo ops. First one was our group photo with all the guests. It was rather chaotic, so many guests, so many attendees, small photo room and lots of confusion on which group photo had actually been called (there were several options…).

I was basically still half asleep and sleep walked into the picture. I didn’t even really see who else was in the picture (was surprised later to see Gillebride and Scott Kyle in the shot with me and my friends LOL) but realized that Rosie Day (who was a bonus guests and was only there on Sunday) stood next to me. We took the picture, and when I walked away, Rosie noticed my T-Shirt (“Mark me”- shirt, I wanted Andrew to be there “in spirit” ), held me back to have a good look at it and then said: “He’s so sad that he can’t be here this weekend!”

Of course that woke me up in an instance and I turned around to her and told her that we’re all sad too that he couldn’t be there. She assured me he really wanted to come and I think I replied something but didn’t want to hold up the queue, so I left. Oh I think this was also when she told me they’re good friends…

I had a few more photo ops, so a pretty hectic morning, including a very epic group photo with Richard Rankin (this was with a group of attendees and 1 guest). Oh yes, you remember, he caught me texting my friend during the Cocktail Party? When we had our other group photo (all guests plus me and 2 friends), he leaned over to me and asked if I had my mobile with me again. Evil tease!

So when we gathered for the 2nd group photo (Rik plus group of attendees… told you it’s confusing!) I was kneeling in front, Rik behind me, bending down, so I turned around and told him: “Yes, I do have my mobile with me again!” It had turned into our own private inside joke. He laughed and then said: “Oh oh, you should take it out and act as if you’re looking at it for the photo!” I snorted and replied: “I’m not doing that!” to which he said: “Oh then give it to me and I’ll do it!”
I sent a quick prayer that the other attendees in the shot wouldn’t kill me for doing this, pulled my mobile out of the back pocket and handed it to him. I didn’t see what he was doing with it but when he handed it back to me, I wanted to die on the spot because the screen had come on and on it, very visibly, was my photo with Andrew.

Later in the afternoon, we had the panels. Unfortunately I was super tired and had a really hard time concentrating. Stephen Walters talked about some other projects and things he had planned for the future but I didn’t pay close attention, so I can’t really remember if he mentioned one of the projects would be with Andrew or if he mentioned a future project and I just thought it would be something Andrew would be interested in.

After the panels we had another autograph session, I still needed Rosie’s, of course, and – encouraged by my friends – decided to introduce the Wee Bonnie Prince to her. It was a desperate attempt because I was quite nervous about the project because I had no way of knowing how Andrew would feel about it. The original plan had been to introduce Andrew to the Wee Bonnie Prince at the con, but since that didn’t happen…

So I had the Wee Bonnie Prince and the photo book I had made for Andrew with me when I approached Rosie’s table feeling very nervous. First of all she spotted my T-shirt again and said how much she loved it and how much Andrew would love it if he could see it. Then she asked me if she could take a picture and send it to Andrew and I said of course. Who am I to deny that wish? I lifted my con badge out of the way and when she took the photo I realized she was really only taking a picture of the shirt. So… chest area…
So I was like: “Um… so… Andrew’s going to see my boobs…”
And Rosie replied: “Yes, he is…”
I thought: “Ah well, she’s taking the picture now and then will probably forget all about it and not send it to him at all…” but when she took down the phone I could briefly see some kind of messenger open on her screen with the send button active (you know, that circle thingy that goes round and round when sending is in process). *gulp*

Then I showed her the Wee Bonnie Prince and she just LOVED him. She couldn’t stop cooing over him, patting his little head and going “awww it’s a mini Andy!! So sweet!” She also took a selfie with the little guy and promised she would tweet it (that hasn’t happened yet) and assured me that Andrew would absolutely love it and I had no reason to be nervous. She also looked through the book and commented on the pictures and I thanked her and told her I felt so much better now – and then started apologizing for talking about Andrew all the time – again! LOL! (It’s a recurring theme…)

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