Highlanders 2 – Part 1

I arrived Friday afternoon in Blackpool after a lovely drive up with Angela, who I met in the Highlanders FB group. Couldn’t help but talk quite a lot about Andrew (oups!) but while we were in the car I received the news about Black Mirror S4 and it was a bit hard to restrain my excitement about it.

Met a few friends and group members when we arrived at the hotel and later at the opening ceremony, among them Rachel, whose first sentence to me was: Where is he? (Meaning the Wee Bonnie Prince).

Then it was time for the Meet&Greet. Tracy and I ended up at the table with Jackie and a few others. I thought it was a great group, really fair. We changed places, so everyone had the chance to sit next to one of the guests over the course of the evening and when someone had a specific question, everyone helped and made sure there was a chance to ask the question. (I can assure you, this is not always the case during these meet&greets!)

I wanted to ask Stephen Walters about Humpty Dumpty (of course ) and I did and he started to answer that it’s going well and then looked at me again and said: “Wait, aren’t you that massive Andrew Gower fan?” I think I went red as beetroot juice at that. He then proceeded to tell me that he only spoke to Andrew (“Andy”) that afternoon and that he (Andrew) would be in Liverpool that weekend. Of course then I had to ask: If he’s in the “area”, then why is he not in Blackpool??? And Stephen said: Why not? Well, he wasn’t invited, that’s why. (Meh!)

Stephen wasn’t the only one to recognize me, Steven Cree, Rosie Day and Finn den Hertog also did from previous cons, which is really funny because years ago a friend of mine got recognized by an actor at a con and I thought OMG this is the most embarrassing thing EVAH, if you go to so many cons that the actors start recognizing you… OUPS!

After the M&G we joined the party. I had every intention of just having a wee peek and then pace myself and call it an early night… but ended up having so much fun with Tracy, Charlotte and her friend that I stayed till the end and then walked home to my B&B. (tbc)

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