“Here! Come! The drums!”

With a triumphant yell, the dark-haired boy jumped off his rock. He slid on his knees over the sandy ground and came to a halt in one smooth movement in front of what looked like a calabash, but in flaming orange and red colours. He raised his arms above his head, only to bring down his fists on his makeshift drum in a staccato-like rhythm.

His ginger-haired friend, who had been watching the whole scene critically, keeled over, laughing hysterically. “You’re completely bonkers you know that, right?” he managed to get out in between gasps.

The other boy stopped immediately, brown eyes blazing with fury. “No, I’m not!” He jumped up and stormed over to his friend, puffing his short and slightly chubby body up in front of the slender boy still lying on the ground. “Take that back, NOW!”

His friend looked up at him grinning, enjoying the view of his younger friend’s appearance in all his furious glory. “Nope!” he simply stated, green eyes sparkling with mischief. He wasn’t able to add anything else, because the air was forced out of his lungs as the other boy flung himself at him with a cry of outrage. Fists were hammering down at him, pulling at his robes and ginger strands of hair. For a moment they struggled, until the slimmer boy flipped them both over, seemingly effortlessly, and pinned his smaller friend down to the ground.

Chuckling at his friend’s desperate attempts to free himself, the redheaded boy started tickling his squirming friend. “Who is your master now, huh? Tell me! Who is your master?” he demanded to know in a mock-serious tone, until the dark-haired boy begged for mercy through gasps of air and giggling fits. Finally, the taller boy let go of his friend and dropped to the ground next to him.

Together they lay on the red stones laughing.

That night, they both stood on the rock overlooking the valley, their arms wrapped around each other.

“Best friends forever?” asked the younger boy looking up at his friend.

“Best friends for ever and ever.”

Doctor Who – Ficlet

Characters: Doctor / Master

Word Count: 360


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