1984 -The Play (Part 1)

I promised you more information on 1984, and I said I’d give you an account of my personal experience.
So in May/ June 2016 I was in the planning stages of my summer holidays, I wanted to go to London (my 2nd home), visit a friend on the Isle of Wight and go o Scotland. All of that wouldn’t fit into a 10-day trip, so after much debating with myself, I decided to go to London and spend a few days on the Isle.
On 24 May I secured a gold ticket to the first Highlanders con (2 months before the con, with Sam announced as a guest LOL) and decided against going to ScotCon although Andrew was announced as a guest but didn’t want to make the extra journey to Edinburgh. (don’t comment…)
On 12 June 2016, as far as I remember, I was still lying in bed, scrolling through an interview about Outlander, an interview with Andrew, when my eyes fell on a sidenote which mentioned that the interview had been done on the phone because Andrew was in rehearsals for a play in London. When I read this (and I need to remind you that at this point, a friend of mine claims, I wasn’t “really” his fan yet), so when I read this line, I froze for a second, then screamed, flung my phone into the corner, jumped out of bed, ran to my PC to check which play, ran back into my bedroom, grabbed my phone, ran back to my computer to check times (I was sure that the play would end the week before I arrived in the UK – probably there was more squeeing and some happy dancing when I found out, it was still on in August, and tickets still available), texted my usual theatre partner in crime Tania, that Andrew is in a play in London and does she want to come. Her first question was: Who? 😉 (standard reply from my friends when I talked about Andrew in the “early days”) She didn’t need much convincing until she agreed, and I flexed my ticket ninja skills to secure us 2 tickets for the evening performance on 19 August 2016. The day “it”a happened. 😉 (tbc)