1984 -The Play (Part 2)

Part 2 of my #1984ThePlay adventure.
We left of in June with a only slightly excited Bella 😉 who’d just secured tickets to see one of her favourite actors live on stage. Wooohooo indeed!
Fast forward to August 2016, I arrived in London on Thursday 18 August, our tickets were for the Friday night performance, we also had tickets to see another play (Yerma with Billie Piper) on Monday and my train to the Isle of Wight left on Tuesday, I would stay there until Friday, then go straight to Heathrow to attend my first Highlanders convention.
Can’t really remember how Tania and I spent the day before the play, probably just being lazy and catching up with each other, then getting ready and prettified for the play. I can remember, however, I had a really hard time to choose the right outfit. I had planned to wear a pretty polka-dot dress but it was rather windy (think there was even rain at some point which in this combination proved deadly for my poor umbrella) and I didn’t want a Marilyn Monroe moment at the stage door in front of Andrew. Looking back, I think it is safe to say that it took me at least twice the normal time to get ready because I kept running around like a headless chicken because I was so nervous about seeing / potentially meeting Andrew. (Nope, not his fan yet AT ALL!)
Before the play, Tania and I found a cosy little Italian restaurant not far from the theatre to have dinner there and to celebrate the occassion, washed it all down with a glas of wine. Then we headed to the theatre with plenty of time to spare, so we had time to check out the stage door (I compared pictures from a previous stage door experience at the same theatre to make sure we had the right place) and then we headed to the theatre’s bar. Tania went to get us drinks and returned with two ginormous glasses of wine. It was happy hour, so she thought why not. 😉
Needless to say I was happily intoxicated when we sat down in our seats, but still buzzing with excitement, and a little unbelieving that in a few moments, I would finally meet one of my favourite actors after being his fan for such a long time.
The theatre went dark and the play began. (tbc, with information about the play and Andrew’s performance, not only my personal rambling, promise! 😉 )