1984 – The Play (Part 5)

Okay, your wish is my command.

Or, Victoria’s wish is my command. 😉 Here’s my stage door experience. 😀 (feel free to add your own stories, btw 😉 )

So… Friday, 19 August 2016. 9:15pm.

As a “seasoned stage door stalker”, the first thing I did as we made our way out of the theatre was to check my watch for the correct time. Very important to know the time the play ends in case you’re not successful the first night and need to come back another night. Tania had to use the ladies room and I was basically hopping from one foot to the other, nervous the “crowd” outside would be too big by the time we made it to the stage door or that Andrew had already left.

I shouldn’t have worried about that, when we got there, there were only 3 other girls standing right in front of the stage door and no-one else. I was relatively calm, just felt this general buzz of anticipation that you get before meeting an actor at a con (or stage door). I think this was due to the still ongoing intoxication with generous amounts of red wine before the play because I just don’t do relatively calm around Andrew. LOL!

Again as seasoned stage door stalkers, Tania and I had our sharpie and programmes ready (okay, she had a sharpie, I _always_ forget to pack one). Catrin Stewart came out and I asked her for her autograph… mostly because it felt odd not to. LOL! Plus I really did like her in the play. (If I had recognized her from Doctor Who I would have asked for a picture but alas… *sigh*). Then… I think Angus Wright (who’d played O’Brien) came out and Tania stopped him, asked him for his autograph and the two started chatting.

Finally Andrew appeared. I think my heart did make a tiny jump at seeing him – only to be crushed to the next moment, when he immediately turned to the 3 girls next to the stage door and hugged them. He obviously knew them and they were his friends.

Now, you might call me silly, but I have this “golden” rule that I would never approach an actor (or other famous person) in a “private setting”: if they walk around, sit in a restaurant, are out shopping… that is their private time, and I – as a fan – respect their privacy and will treat them as I would treat any other stranger (aka ignore them as best as I can). Even today, knowing that Andrew knows me and recognizes me, if I saw him in London on the street, I would not approach him. I’d shyly smile at him (grin like a lunatic…) and hope he’ll see me. But I would wait for him to make contact first.

Maybe silly but it’s just the way I am.

So, when I saw him with his friends at the stage door, I knew I’d lost. I still stood there, with my 1984 programme clutched to my chest, sharpie in my hand, eyes fixed on him, desperately hoping, he’d somehow make an inviting gesture, make a step towards me and Tania, in some way indicate it was okay to approach him. He stood there for quite a while chatting to his friends, discussing which pub to go to for a drink. At one point, he did turn around and look curiously at me and Tania, probably wondering about the animated discussion Tania still had going on with Angus. I don’t think it even crossed his mind, that the girl with the big pleading eyes (think puss-in-boots from the Shrek movies LOL) standing next to them, wanted anything from him. I just stood there frozen – a little bit in awe 😉 – and mostly determined to NOT invade his privacy uninvited.

Angus Wright then made a move to leave and I quickly turned around to stop him and ask for his autograph and then Andrew and his friends left as well. I turned to Tania and said: “You know what this means?” And she nodded: “We’ll have to come back tomorrow night.”


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